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Sister  Cristina  Order  of  the  Ursulines​

J-AX:   Coach,   Italian  Rapper,   Atheist

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"No  One"


Psychology          Spirituality          Health          Wellness




Beautiful  City  of  Leuven,  Belgium  ~  Europe

​Dr. Maridel  ~  KULeuven  in  Leuven,  Belgium : 

​My  Heart's  Hometown ! 

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Amazing  Grace   ~  ​ Dolores  Hart

 From   Prominent   Hollywood   Actress

   (Elvis  Presley's   Co-Star)

 to   Benedictine   Mother   Prioress 

The  American  College  

of   The  Catholic  University  of  Louvain

Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven ​/ KULeuven


An  American  Catholic  Seminary  in  Europe.

Dr. Maridel : Formation  Staff,   In-House​  Psychology  Doctor.

​Professor,  Pastoral  Counseling :  for  priests   seminarians.

S​tudents  Enjoying  The  Good  Life  ~  Europe.

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Professor  Dr.  Rev.   ANTOINE   VERGOTE,  STD,  PHD. 

Legendary  Theologian,  Philosopher,  Psychologist,  Psychoanalyst.

World-renowned Scholar and Author.

"The  most  eminent  figure  in  the  filed  of  psychology  of  religion

and  a  key  figure  in  the  European  intellectual  movements

​in  the  20th  century".      Wikipedia.

​​Dr.  Maridel's  Beloved  Mentor  &  PhD  Promotor

​Catholic  University  of  Louvain

 Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven

​Belgium    ~    Europe

Professor  Dr.  Rev.  RAYMOND  F.  COLLINS,  STD.

World-acclaimed  New  Testament  Theologian,  Scholar,  Author

Dr.  Maridel's   Academic   &   Life  Mentor

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​    RENEE   FLEMING    

  American   Soprano 

Magnificent.   World-Class.   Celestial !


 Mozart's    "Laudamus  Te."  

     We   Praise   You.    

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