"Antoine  Vergote  (8 December 1921 - 10 October 2013),  also known as

Antoon Vergote, (was) a Belgian Roman Catholic priest, theologian, philosopher, psychologist, and psychoanalyst. He (was) an Emeritus Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven.

His   extensive   publications   span   multiple   disciplines   including     psychoanalysis,   hermeneutics,   philosophical  anthropology,   linguistics,  cultural  anthropology,    theology,    and   phenomenology.

Vergote  has  been  acclaimed   "the  most  eminent

 figure  in  the  field  of  psychology  of  religion"   and  

"a  key  figure"  in  European  intellectual  movements    during  the  20th  century."       (Wikipedia).


 "Antoine Vergote was born on 8 December 1921, in the Belgian city of Courtray in the Flemish province of West Flanders. After receiving his graduate degrees from the University of Louvain in 1954, he continued his education in  Paris  where he studied with  Levi-Strauss,  attended the lectures of   Merleau-Ponty,  and completed his analytic training under the direction of Jacques Lacan."      (Wikipedia)

   "Vergote was a former student of the French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

Jacques Lacan  and played an important role introducing psychoanalysis to the University of Leuven. He was the  Founder,  with  Jacques Schotte  &  Alphonse de

Waelhens,  of  the  Belgian  School  of  Psychoanalysis.   He has published many articles and books on the relationship between  psychoanalysis and  faith.  He has attempted to refute those who view religion as a neurosis by showing that the tools of psychoanalysis  can  be  used  to  elicit  an   experience  of  compassion   and 

sensitivity   capable  of  revealing  truth   and  of  giving  meaning  to  human  history  

as  reflected  in  the  life  of   Jesus  of  Nazareth."    (Wikipedia)

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​​​​​​​ Legendary

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True  Friend    

 " You    are    the    wonderful   fruit    

of   a   very   special   process

that   produces   the   best

of   the   very   best   in   the   world ! "


Prof.  Dr.  Antoine  VERGOTE   Awarded   Dr.  Maridel  T.  Andres  

a   Full   Academic   Scholarship   for   eight   years  (8) :

The  Catholic  University  of  Louvain / KULeuven,  Belgium.

Scholarship  Grant  from  KULeuven,  King  and  Queen  of  Belgium.

​KULeuven  is  the  world's  oldest  (Founded  in  1425) 

and  most  prestigious  catholic  university.

​Ranks  among  the  top  50  universities  world-wide.

​In  the   Spirit  of  Gratitude   for  the  great  Scholarship  Award,

Dr.  Andres  opened  a  Free  Mental  Health  Clinic   for  the  Poor

as   Youth  &  Family  Life  Minister  / Psychologist :  Colorado,  USA.

Dr.  Maridel    continues    to   Serve   The   Public   Good :

Pro  Bono   Psychology   Services __     Volunteer  Projects __

and   Work  in    USA   Medical  /  HealthCare  Facilities  __




                                 Antoine   VERGOTE   

                    Legendary    Theologian,   Psychoanalyst,  

         Philosopher,   Psychologist,   Scholar,   Prolific  Author​.

                                           ( Video,   French  Language )

Prof. Dr.  Antoine  Vergote,   STD, PHD.

Catholic  University  of  Louvain  /  Katholieke   Universiteit   Leuven. 

World-Renowned  Philosopher,  Theologian,  Psychoanalyst,  Author.

Founder,  Belgian  School  of  Psychoanalysis.

​Belgium  ~  Europe

​Prof.  Vergote  wrote   in  a   birthday  book  gift   for   Dr.  Maridel:

   " Bij   de   ingang   van   een   nieuwe   jeud,   

     als   herinnering    van   een   land    

     dat   van  haar  zal   blijven  houden."      Dutch.

   Functional   English   Translation:

 "At    the   beginning   of   a   new   youth,  

  as   a   reminder   of   a   country     (i.e.,  Belgium

  that   remains   to   love   her."

 Professor   Dr.   Antoine   Vergote's    

 gentle   but   strong   reminder  

 to   his   protégé,    Dr.   Maridel   T.   Andres, 

​ about   her   PhD   Formation,    KULeuven,   Belgium :