Professor  Dr.  Rev.  Raymond  F.  Collins,  STD

Raymond Francis Collins is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Providence, and an exegete of the New Testament. Recently retired, he has taught as a professor at a variety of institutions of higher education, including, most prominently Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Catholic University of America. He also served the American College of the Immaculate Conception as its ninth rector." (Wikipedia)

"Collins was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on 12 May 1935. He completed his primary and secondary education within his home state. He became a seminarian for the diocese of Providence and his bishop, Russell McVinney, sent him for the theological studies at the newly reopened American College of the Immaculate Conception in 1953. At the Catholic University of Leuven, he obtained a Bachelor of Sacred Theology in 1961. In 1962, only a year after completing his license, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, which was entitled The Berith-Notion of the Cairo Damascus Covenant and its Comparison with the New Testament."    (Wikipedia)

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2010  Note.   Prof.  Raymond  F.  Collins  is  now  actively  retired  as  Dean,  

Catholic  University  of  America  in  Washington,  D.C. 

 He  continues  to  write  as  a prolific New Testament Theology Scholar,

and publish theological textbooks. He is invited world-wide to give lectures.

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Prof. Dr. Rev.  Raymond  F Collins, STD 




       I have known ProfDr. Maridel T. Andres, PhD,  for over twenty years.

I first met her at The Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, (Katholieke Universitiet Leuven) where she had come to pursue her doctoral studies in both Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Religion - Spirituality. At the time I was Professor in The Faculty of Theology of that university and, later,  Chair of its

Programs in English. I left Leuven in the summer of 1993 in order to accept my present academic post as  Dean of Religious Studies  at The Catholic University

of America in Washington.

      While continuing to work on her doctoral thesis, Prof. Andres had an opportunity to complete  a  year-long   Clinical  Psychology  Internship  at  the  Lakeshore Institute  
of  Mental Health,  a  State  Psychiatric  Hospital in Knoxville,  Tennessee.  

Dr. Witsaman, Psychology Director,  wanted  her  to  remain on  its  staff,

but  she was committed  to  returning  to  KULeuven, Europe,  to complete  the ff :

. her  written  doctoral dissertation,  the required  Psychology  Ph.D.  Publication

  and  the  traditional  PhD  Public  Oral  Defense  in  Europe

. Belgian  Psychoanalytic  Formation - Supervision,

  and  also  Certification  at  The  Freud  Psychoanalytic  Child  and  Adolescent  

  Center,   in  England,   United  Kingdom.  

. She  was  Elected  as  the  First  Woman  President  of  the  KULeuven

   International  PhD  Students  Association.

Her  PhD  Mentor,  Prof.  Dr.  Antoine  VERGOTE,  is  a  world-renowned

psychoanalyst,  theologian,  psychologist,  philosopher,  and prolific  author.

 Dr. Maridel  was  awarded a  Full  Academic  Scholarship  at  KULeuven,

 by  Antoine VERGOTE,   a  prestigious  catholic  university  in  Belgium.

Dr. Maridel  returned to  KULeuven (Dutch campus)  in  Europe  after  her

 Pre-Doctoral  Clinical  Psychology  Internship  at  a  State  Psychiatric Hospital

in  Tennesee,  USA.

During  this  phase  of  her  life,  I  had  many  opportunities  to  become  acquainted with  her  work.  On  completion  of  her  PhD  in  Clinical Psychology  and  Spirituality,

 Dr.  Maridel  taught  courses  in  Pastoral  Counseling  Psychology  and   as an 

 ​In - House  Psychologist   at   The  American  College   (Catholic  Seminary) 

affiliated  with  The   Catholic  University  of  Louvain / KULeuven. 

In  this  capacity  as  Professor,   she  had  responsibility  for  lecturing  and

counseling,  but  also  for  making  use  of  various  forms  of  role-playing.

The  responses  which  I  heard  from  our  American  seminarians,  priests,

sabbaticals    ( Roman  Catholic,   Anglican,   Protestant,   Eastern  Orthodox )

 and  those  from   Europe,   Latin American,   Africa,   Asia,   Australia -

normally  a  very  critical - intelligent  audience,  were  extremely  positive. ​

They  valued  her  ability  to  communicate,   make  the  material  relevant,

and  to  call  upon  additional  resources  when  and  as  necessary  or  useful.

       Simultaneously  she  began  a  counseling  practice  on  a  part-time basis.

From  what  I  have  heard,   the  responses  from  her  clients,  students

and  colleagues,   were  exceptionally  positive.  

I  was  amazed  by  the  informal  testimony  offered  by  those  who  made  use

of  her  professional  services  in   Psychology,  Spirituality,  Health,  Wellness

and  who  also  readily  recommended  her  to  others.

Maridel  is  a   delightful,   humble,   bright,   high  achiever,  and   catalyst.

Over  the  years  she  expanded  her  psychology,  teaching,  and  counseling

Private  Practice  so  that  it  embraced  not  only  seminarians,  priests,  pastors,

but  also  quite  a  diverse  group  of  people  who  came  to  her  for :  family counseling,  sexual  and  identity  problems,   difficulties  in  relationships,

spirituality,   school,  vocational,   and  mild - severe  psychological  disorders.  

       Dr. Andres'  clients  comprised  people  of  different  ages,  nationalities,

religious  denominations,  politics,   and  extremely  different  backgrounds,  

e.g.,  CEOs  from  the  corporate world,   athletes,    diplomatic  corps  in  Europe, students,   clergy,   religious,    atheists,   agnostics,   homeless,   professionals,

blue  collar  workers,  prostitutes  in  the  red  light  districts  in  Amsterdam,

 criminal  justice  system,  law enforcement  officers,   our  American  military

 and  family,  artists,   physicians,  lawyers,   judges,    and  The  Gifted.

Dr.  Maridel  has  served  God  through  the  many  "Faces"  of  humanity.

       While  in  Europe  she  also  taught  Psychology,  Philosophy,  Hypnosis

and   Drug - Alcohol  college  courses  for   the  Chicago  College - Europe

and   The  University  of  Maryland  -  European  Division,  at  their  sites  in

Brussels  U.S. - N.A.T.O.  in  Belgium,   Germany,  The  Netherlands;

and   Supreme  Headquarters  Allied  Powers  in  Europe  (SHAPE).

        While  she  lived  in  Europe  for  many  years,  she  often  visited  her

 family  of  origin  in  the  State  of  Ohio.   Since  permanently  returning  to  the United  States  in  the  1990's  after  studying  and  working  in  Western  Europe

for  more  than  twenty  years,   she  was  the  Director  of  Youth  and  Family Ministries St. Michael's,  Colorado;  opened  a   Free  Mental  Health  Clinic;

and  was  also  at  a  Roman Catholic  parish  in  the  State  of  Rhode  Island.

       Returning to Colorado at the beginning of 1996, she has had a part-time

practice, while working with a Roman Catholic Social Service Agency.

Dr. Andres also became the  Chief  Psychologist,   a Colorado  Federal  Prison; Mental Health Director for the approximately five hundred  adult  male  criminal offenders / inmates as well as Clinical Psychology Supervisor for the prison staff. Anger Management, Problem - Solving, Domestic Violence, Cognitive-Behavioral Programs; did Formal Psychological Diagnosis- Assessments.

Director  of  Psychology  in long-term health care facilities, Colorado.

       Over the years, both in  Europe and  in  the  United States, Professor Andres

had conducted a variety of workshops and seminars. I have not had the opportunity

to personally attend any of these sessions or course but I have met several

individuals who have taken part. 

I have heard them commend Maridel  for the  enthusiasm  which  she  brings,

her grasp of the material, her  motivational  skills,   and the keen interest

which she takes in her international and American students, college graduate levels.

She  leads  Spiritual  Retreats  for  the  U.S.  Military  Chaplains - Germany.

       In the United States and in Europe, she has made use of her not inconsiderable talents in some positions of Service, doing some Pro Bono counseling, conducting staff training, meditations, retreats, seminars for church and social groups;

Rectora - Cursillo  in  Europe.   She runs the Colorado Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Runs. She enjoys her hobbies as a marathoner or ultra-runner

in the Seven Continents, martial arts, plays classical guitar, loves nature, animals, Police  Department  Victims  Advocate  Volunteer   and noble friendships. 


       From a variety of conversations that I have had with Maridel during the course of over twenty years, I have come to know a dynamic woman with considerable passion for matters of Justice. The social well-being of the people has always been among her primary commitments and interests.   Current concerns for her are our ecology, human and animal welfare are dear to her heart.

       In her teaching and her practice of counseling she has to be ​rated very highly. Her qualities are such that she must be regarded as a "team player".

Maridel is a warm, supportive, and understanding individual who is, however, not disinclined to voice her opinions. Honesty with respect to people and with regard to issues has always been one of her outstanding traits.

       Other assets which Dr. Maridel brings are her own personality, the depth

and breadth of her personal and professional interests. In this regard, I think that her many years abroad, the time that she has spent both in Europe and in the United States, as well as her extensive travels as a U.S. citizen will serve her well.

       As an academician she has published little. As a psychologist, she has effected great changes in the lives of many people from different countries who have had recourse to her Services in Psychology, Holistic Spirituality, and Wellness. She works well with groups and with individuals.

Dr.  Maridel  has  great  public  speaking  skills,  compassion,  humor,

with  a  positive  and  playful  attitude.

       In sum, I strongly recommend  Dr.  Maridel  T.  Andres,  Inc.  to you

as a member of your team.    She  has  a  thriving  Private  Practice  and  is  an  

Active  U.S.  Licensed  Clinical Psychologist  in  Colorado  and  Tennessee.

She  continues  to  return  often  to  Europe  to  lead  seminars  and  retreats.

Should you need any further recommendation, please do not hesitate to write.

Prof.  Dr.  Rev.  RAYMOND  F.  COLLINS,  S.T.D.,  DEAN

The  Catholic  University  of  America
School  of  Religious  Studies
Washington,   D.C.  20046 

(202) 319-5683

Office   of   the   Dean

Prof.  Dr.  Rev.  RAYMOND  F.  COLLINS