Current  (in  blue)   and   Past  Memberships


Psychology          Spirituality          Wellness          Fitness

1.Catholic  University   of   Louvain   Alumni   Association.​​

    Katholieke   Universiteit  Leuven  /  KULeuven.    Belgium.  
     World’s  oldest 
(Founded  in  1425)  and  most  prestigious  Catholic   university 

     in   Europe.    Dutch  campus.     Ranks  45th,  top  global  universities.

2. American  College  of   KULeuven  Alumni  Association.

     Roman  Catholic  Seminary  in  Belgium.  Europe. 

    Founded  in  1857  by   Bishops  in  the  U.S.

3. American   Psychological   Association  (APA).

     Largest   scientific  and   professional  organization  of  Psychologists 

    in  the  U.S.A.   and  Canada.     Founded  in  1892.

4.  APA's  Division  36 :

    Society  for  Psychology  of  Religion  &  Spirituality

     APA  website:

    Division 36  promotes  psychological  theory,   research,   and  clinical  practice

    to   understand  the  significance  of  religion  and  spirituality  in  people's  lives

    and  in  the  discipline  of  psychology.   The  Society  facilitates  the  interchange

    of  ideas  between  the   science  and  clinical  and  applied  practice,   and  seeks

    through  its  activities  to  increase  public  awareness  of  psychological  dimensions

    of  religion  and  spirituality. 

   The  Society  is  non-sectarian  and  does  not  espouse  or  endorse  any  particular

   religious  positions  or  beliefs.   It  welcomes  psychologists  and  others  from

   around  the  world  interested  in  the  psychology  of  religion  and  spirituality.


5.  International  Association  for  Psychology  of  Religion  (IARP) 


     IARP  has  European  roots.   Founded  in  1914   in  Nurenberg,  Germany

    as   Internationale   Gesellschaft   fur   Religionpsychologie.  

    It  is  an  international  organization  currently  based  in   Europe  promoting

    scientific  research  and  exchange  within  the  field  of  psychology  of  religion. 

6.  Victim  Assistance  Services

      Police  and  Sheriff   Departments.     State  of  Colorado.
      Volunteer   Mental  Health  Services   to   Victims  of  Abuse  and  Violence.      
      Children,  Adolescents,   Adults,   Elderly.

7.  State  of  Colorado   Parks  &  Wild  Life  Rescue  Team

     Rescued  wildlife  animals,   big  and  small.

8.  Sierra  Conservation  Club

     One  of  the oldest   (Theodore  Roosevelt,  Founder.  1892),  largest 

     &  most   influential grassroots  environmental organizations  in  the  U.S.A.   
                               “ Explore,   Enjoy,   and   Protect   The   Planet ”.

9.  Sea  Shepherd  Conservation  Society

     Non-profit,   marine  conservation  organization

     Founded  in 1977,   State of    Washington. 

     Uses  direct  action  tactics  to  protect  marine  life.  

     International  animal - related  alliance  and  advocacy.


​       International  PhD  Scholars  Association  of

         Catholic  University  of  Louvain  /  Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven. 

       KULeuven,   Belgium.    Europe.


      in   Germany,   Belgium,   The  Netherlands

12.  DIRECTOR,   Magnificat  Center  of  Spirituality

        English  Program,   Belgium.

13.  Societe  Belge  de  Psychologie

       Belgische  Vereniging  voor  Psychologie

14.  American  Running Fitness  Association

15.  Colorado's  Delta  County  Search  &  Rescue  Team

        Helped  rescue  missing  people  in  the  Colorado  wilderness. 

16.  American   Kenpo  Kung-Fu   Martial  Arts   Association

17.  Consistently   Elected    PRESIDENT :  Trusted  +  Popular.

      Student  Associations   and   Governments

       from   High  School,  University,   to   Graduate  School.

      Dr. Maridel  has received  many  Excellent  Student  Leadership  Awards.  

      Dean's   Student   Honor   List.

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