​1.  American   College   Alumni    Association

     of   Catholic   University   of   Louvain.    (ACAA).

​     Founded    by   U.S.   Conference   of   Catholic   Bishops    (1857 - 2011).    

    Seminary    affliated   with   KULeuven.   Saint   Damien   Community.


2.  Catholic   University   of   Louvain.    (KULeuven.   Dutch  campus).

     Katholieke   Universiteit   Leuven,   Belgium.   Founded   in   1425.



3.  City   of   Leuven.    BELGIUM,   The   Heart   of   Europe.


4.  ​American    Psychological    Association    (APA).

     An  international,  scientific,  and  professional  organization  

     in  Psychology.  Founded  in  1892,  USA.


​5.  International  Association  for  the  Psychology  of  Religion.    

      Based  in  Europe,  IARP  promotes scientific  research  &  exchange

      within  the  field  of  Psychology  of  Religion.    Also   known  as

     Internationale   Gesellschaft   fur   Religion   Psychologie.

     Founded   in   1914.    Nurenberg,  Germany. 


6.  National   Alliance   on   Mental   Health    (NAMI)

     Founded  in  1979.  "NAMI  advocates  for  access  to  services, 

     treatment,  support,  research  &  is  steadfast  in  its  

    commitment  to raise  awareness  &  build  a  community

    for  hope  and  for  all  those  in need".      (c)  2014  NAMI


7.  Colorado  Organization  for  Victim  Assistance   (COVA).

    Since  1982,  COVA's  vision  is  to  be  recognized  as  a

    national  leader  in  building  a  collaborative  environment

    where  crime  victims  are  given  the  opportunity  to  heal

​    and  restore  balance  to  their  lives".    (COVA  website)

​                              http://www.coloradocrimevictims.org/   

8.  American   Holistic   Health   Association   (AHHA)

    Non-profit.  Founded  in  1989,  New  England.  Free  and  impartial

    information  about  health  and  wellness.     Focus  on  integrating  

    Mind,  Body  and  Spirit  in  Process.      Self-help  resources  are

    offered  in   both  conventional  and  alternative  medicine.


9. Sierra   Conservation   Club.

    Founded  by  John  Muir,  Theodore  Roosevelt,  et  al,   in  1892. 

   The  oldest  and  largest  influential  grass-roots  environmental

   organization  in  America.

                     "Explore,   Enjoy,   and   Protect   the   Planet".


​10. Sea   Shepherd   Society.

     Non-profit.  Founded  in  the  State  of  Washington  in  1977.

    Uses   direct   action   tactics  to   protect   marine   life.  

    International   animal - related   alliance   and   advocacy.


​       Epilogue

​       DR.   MARIDEL   T.   ANDRES'   MISSION :

      To   serve   the   many   faces  +  leaders  of  society, 

      protect  wildlife  animals,   and   conserve  our  earth.

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