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As  a  current  U.S.  Licensed  Clinical  Psychologist,  States  of  Tennessee  and  Colorado,  Dr. Andres  does  not  prescribe  psychotropic  medications. This belongs  to  the  medical  realm  of  a  psychiatrist.


As  part  of  a  Mental  Health  Team,   she  is  knowledgeable  about  certain psychotropic  medications  that  affect  the  mind,  emotions,  and  behavior. However,   when  relevant,  she  can  only  suggest  some  psychotropics  for

the  patient  to   the  attending  Primary Care  Physician.


She  does  not  offer  direct  substance  / alcohol  abuse  detoxification  services.

The  Detox  Programs  are  undertaken  by  certified  mental  health  clinics  and hospitals.


Also, she is not able to take insurance payments at this time. Referral services to other licensed and competent mental health practitioners are available. 


Although she has many  international  clientele from  different  countries, 

English  is used as the primary language for verbal / written communications.


Certified language translators are welcome upon the request of a client and approval by the respective State Boards and legal agencies, especially for Formal Psychological Evaluations.  Depending on the reasons for a Psych Referral, the DSM 4/5 and other U.S. standard, clinical, and diagnostic resources are used.


Per opinion of Prof. Ray F. Collins,  a New Testament prolific scholar,   she  has,

"as an academician, has  published  little.  As  a  psychologist,  Dr. Andres  has  

affected  great  changes  in  the  lives  of  many  people  from  different  countries.   She  has  served  the  many  faces  and  leaders  of   society ". 


                       "Don't   count   the   days   ...   make   the   days   count."

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