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​        A collection of services from Dr. Maridel including psychological counseling,  

        testing, diagnosis, and training.

​         Confidential. Personalized. One-to-One. Delightful. Effective Dialogues.      

       Action Plans.

  • Spiritual  Retreats.     

  • Comprehensive  and  Pluralistic  Themes :

  • Non Sectarian    .   Secular   .   Religious

         SPIRITUALITY ...   A Living and An  Awakening  Relationship  With

                                      Self,  Others,  World,  and  The  Ultimate (God). 

         SUCCESS ...           A gradual realization of a worthy Ideal. 

                                     Finding  deeper  meaning,  purpose,  wisdom,  &  joy in life.

​​        As  a  current  U.S. Licensed  Clinical  Psychologist,  States of Tennessee  

       and Colorado,  Dr. Andres does  not  prescribe psychotropic medications.

        This  belongs to the medical realm of a psychiatrist.

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