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Holistic Psychological Services

Successful  Private  Practice / Pro Bono - Europe.   1980-1984;  1986-1993

Belgium,   The Netherlands,   Germany.     Clientele:  Ages  02  to  102.

USA  Military - Europe.    American  College (Seminary)  of  KULeuven, Belgium.

SOLO  PRIVATE  PRACTICE:  Colorado,  USA.   1994 - Current


Humanistic – Existential – Psychoanalytic - Psychodynamic – Cognitive/Behavior

Integrated  Body – Mind – Spirit – Service to Humanity​​

Active  and  Valid  U.S.A.  Doctor  Licenses,   Clinical  Psychology

  • State  of  Tennessee. Full,  Unrestricted,  Current:  since  1994. 
  • State  of  Colorado.    Full,  Unrestricted,  Current:  since  1998.

       State  Licenses  in  Psychology  are  renewable  every  two  years.

Emergency  Mental  Health  Services.  1998–CurrentMulti-disciplinary Team.

CRISIS  INTERVENTION​​from  mild – moderate  - severe  psychopathology. 

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, End-of-Life.  Hospital Privileges:

​Crisis Evaluation / Case Management – ER,  Critical Care,  Acute Care, Birthing Unit.

Counseling  /  Psychotherapy  /  Consultations.      Since 1998 - Current

  • Children.     Adolescents.      Adults.      Seniors.     Individuals.    Couples. Marriages.   Families.   Groups.    Diverse  Communities.     Special  Needs.

  • Effective  Management / Eventual  Resolution  of   the  acronym   D A D A A S​ :         Depression   Anxiety   Destructive Behaviors  Anger   Addictions   Stress 


  • Life  Transitions.  Grief.   Pet /Job Loss.   Divorce. Fiscal  Well-Being. Self-Esteem. Addictions(Food, Sex, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs).  P.T.S.D Relationships.   Domestic  Violence.  Loneliness  Intimacy  Sexuality.
    Religious  Vocations.    Careers. Retirement. The  Military  Lifestyle.

​          Executive-Corporate-Staff  Training: ​Effective Leadership.   Positive Team Work.  

Psychological  Testing    &    PSYCH    Diagnostic      Evaluation

Intelligence.   Personality.   Memory.   Colorado  Social  Security  Disability.

Executive,   Corporate   &    Staff    Training.      Clinical   Supervision.

Effective  Leadership.   Positive  Team-Building.   Win-Win  Attitude.   Successful  Behavior.


  • Psychology  of  Religion  &  Spirituality:  seminars,  workshops.

         Integrated Spirituality: Body- Mind- Spirit- Service to Humanity

  • Spiritual Retreats & Recollection Day Facilitator:

         For Priests, Pastors, Religious, Theology / Philosophy Seminarians,

         Youth & Family Life Ministers (Catholic, Episcopalian, Ecumenical).

  • Meditations Facilitator:

         Christian,   Non-Christian.   Beauty  of  Nature.   Athletic  Bliss.

  • Finding Deeper Meaning,  Purpose,  Love,  Joy  &  Wisdom  in  Life.

  • Spirituality  ...  An  Awakening   and   A  living / Lived  Relationship
  •         with   Self,   Others,   The World,    and   The  Ultimate  (God).

Psychology   and   Behavior   of   Health.         1998 – Current.

​​Motivation.    Healthy  Weight  Loss  &  Management.   Fitness.   Vitality !

SPECIALTY:   Extremely   Diverse  Clientele,  Cultures,  and  Demographics

Clinical, counseling, teaching, supervision & consulting experience in USA & Europe in heterogeneous settings: University and U.S. Military - Europe.  American Seminary.

Criminal Justice System & Law Enforcement.  Hospital: Crisis Evaluation / Case Mgmt. Corporate, Military, Religious LEADERSHIP  and  STAFF Training,   Positive Team-Building.

Healthcare  Provider.   Long-Term  Health Care  Facilities.

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 "The  most  beautiful  experience  we  can  have  is  the  mysterious.

​                           It  is  the  source  of  all  art  and  science."

                                                  Albert  Einstein.

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