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"Be   a   yardstick   of   quality.

Some   people   aren't   used   to   an   environment

where   excellence   is   expected".   Steve Jobs     


 Why   Choose    Dr.   Maridel   T.   Andres,  

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BodyMindSpirit. Holistic.  Healthy.  Happy.   Holy :  chase  a  noble  cause !

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These  are  Formal  Letters  of  Character  References.


       "One   can   test   the   tree   by   its   actual   fruits."


The humble authors are  world-class and local leaders of different disciplines

in  education, medicine,  theology,  psychiatry,  philosophy,  seminaries,

good law-enforcement  agencies  in  Colorado,  business  corporations, 

churches,  and the U.S. Military in Europe.


These are their personal opinions and  do  not  officially represent their

respective organizations and affiliations.


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A  Chief of Police  and  some  physicians  said that it's  like  the   equivalent

of    Seven  Resumes   or   Curricula  Vitae   ( 7  CVs ) .


RE-CAP:   Extensive  +  Intensive  Services :  USA   Europe.


For  over  20  years,   Dr.  Andres  has   served   several   thousand   clients, students,   patients,   pastors,   U.S.  Military  Europe    and   professional  

colleagues   from     " All   Walks   of   Life "   in  different  roles   as ... 


  •  Active  Licensed  Clinical - Counseling  Psychologist 

           State  of  Tennessee    .     State  of  Colorado

​   .  U.S Military  -  Europe :    Teaching,   Counseling,   Consulting.

      Supreme  Headquarters  Allied  Powers  in  Europe SHAPE.

       U.S. - NATO   in   Brussels,  Belgium.   U.S.  Military  Bases,  Germany.


  • Youth  &  Family  Life  Minister. 

       State  of  Colorado    .    State  of  Rhode  Island

       Catholic  Churches  and  Parishes.


  • Organizational  Psychology  Consultant  

       universities,  churches,  parishes,  military,  schools, law-enforcement &

       criminal justice system,  hospitals, non-profit, business, and corporations


  • Fervent   Victim  Advocate : Support + Resources  to   Victims  of  Crime.

       Law-enforcement  Agencies,  Colorado :   Sheriff  .  Police

   .   State  of  Colorado  Parks  &   Wildlife  Rescue  Team.

       Rescued  Wildlife  Animals.          Forever   Animal  Welfare  Advocate.

   ​.  State  of  Colorado  Delta   Search  &  Rescue  Team.

​      Locate  people  who  are   lost,   injured   or   not   living  in  the   wilderness. 

  • Chief  Psychologist.    Facility  Psychologist / PSYCH  Director:

        ​- State  of  Colorado  Prison  (500  male  inmates)

        - Long-term  healthcare  skilled  nursing  facilities

        - American  Catholic  Seminary  in  Europe


  • Executive - Personal - Wellness  COACH

       to  many medical  &  military  professionals,  students,  associates


  • Psychologist  of  Religion  &   Spirituality.

  • Comprehensive  and  Pluralistic  Themes :  

  •  Non - Sectarian   .   Secular   .   Religious

  • Ecology   Advocate.      Sierra  Club   conservation   member.

  • Professor  Doctor,  Psychology:   U.S.  Universities  in  Europe


  • ​Social  and  Behavioral  Scientist.        

  • Philanthropist.     KiNDNESS  Lifestyle

  • Current  Pro Bono  Healthcare :  USA,   Belgium,   Germany.


Dr. Maridel  is a  PhD  graduate  of  a  world-class  university  in  Europe, 

holds  two  current  U.S.  Licenses  as  a  Doctor  in  Clinical Psychology,  

and   enjoys  serving  humanity   and    protecting  animal  welfare.


Plus,   she  also  takes  her   vital  Pills "    daily !

No,   never   the  medicated  ones  ...   but  her  Pills  of 

​    . Play,        Pause   to   meditate,     Pray

  • Integrate      -  Dreams   and   Reality

                           -  Body  Mind  Spirit

                           -  Who  I  Am    and    Who  I  Can  Be


  • Love  generously

​       Laugh  with  Others

​       Learn   constantly 

       Live   in   the   here   and   now !

  • Serve  the   many   faces   +   leaders   of   society,

       protect   wildlife   animals    and    conserve  our  beautiful  earth.


S P E C I A L T Y 

Extremely  Diverse   Clientele,   Cultures,   Demographics

Clinical,   counseling,  teaching,  supervision   &  consulting  experience  in  USA  &  Europe  in heterogeneous  settings:   University  and  U.S.  Military  -  Europe.    American  Seminary. Criminal  Justice  System  &  Law  Enforcement.   Hospital:  Crisis  Evaluation /  Case  Mgmt. Corporate,   Military,   Religious  LEADERSHIP  and  STAFF Training,  Positive  Team-Building. Licensed  Healthcare  Provider:  Tennessee  &  Colorado.    Long-Term  Health  Care Facilities.


​BY    APPOINTMENT    ONLY.    Visit    homes,    schools,    offices,    facilities.  






 ​Confidential.   Personalized.   Delightful.   Effective Dialogues.   Action Plans



Psychology          Spirituality          Health          Wellness         

                                                       (Video,  Dutch  Language)

The  Catholic  University  of   Louvain   or   Katholieke   Universiteit   Leuven, KULeuven  (Dutch - speaking  campus)  in  the  City  of  Leuven,  Belgium.   Europe.  

Oldest  Catholic  university  (Founded  in  1425)    and  one  of  the  most  prestigious  

universities  in  the  world.     Ranks  among  the  top  50  universities  world-wide.

 (Copyright (c) KU Leuven)

           " To   learn   without   thinking   is   fruitless;

              To   think   without   learning   is   dangerous."






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