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Dr. L.R. Witsaman, PhD.

Chair,   Clinical Psychology 

State  Psychiatric  Hospital.   USA




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Knoxville,  Tennessee  37919

RE:  Dr.  Maridel  T.  Andres,  Ph.D. 


To Whom It May Concern,

This  letter is being written to recommend  Maridel Andres, PhD. 

Dr. Andres completed her clinical internship at Lakeshore Mental Health Institute.

All of the one year internship was under my general supervision and much of it

was under my personal supervision.

It was a pleasure for me to work with Dr. Andres during this time. She demonstrated a keen

and inquiring mind and came to us with a sound preparation in psychodynamic psychology.

It is to her credit that she was able to adapt this training and these skills to a population of vastly different cultural and ethnic origin than that typical of her earlier training in Europe. 

Dr. Andres also proved capable of shifting her emphasis from the psycho-dynamic approach

to assessment to the more formal, structured assessment techniques employed in a State psychiatric hospital.

Maridel's personality, cheerful demeanor, and dedication were a distinct advantage for her

in this endeavor. She made herself a part of the various treatment teams and soon was an accepted partner in the difficult task of designing treatment for a very disturbed population. 

Her professional conduct was above reproach. She demonstrated support for those in need

and she approached her duties with a high degree of ethicality which again, demonstrates

the quality of her preparation.

I would be pleased to hire her to work with our staff if she was so inclined  or

I would give her an unqualified recommendation to any other potential employer.

Yours truly,

Dr.  L.R.  Witsaman,  Ph.D.

Discipline  Chief,  Psychology