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  27 December 1997



Dr.  Maridel  T.  Andres,   from  the  State  of  Colorado,   

has  requested  me  to  provide  verification  of  her  past  work  history

in  Europe.   I  have  known  Dr. Andres  as  a   professional  colleague  during  her  long  residency  in  Belgium,  Europe.

Aside  from  being  a  Professor  in  Psychology  at  The  University  of Maryland - European  Division,  she  worked  as  a  Clinical  Psychologist

and  Psychotherapist   at   The  American  College  (U.S.  Seminary) 

of   Catholic  University  of  Louvain  /  KULeuven  -  Dutch  campus

and  at  her  own  successful  Private  Practice / Pro Bono  in  Europe.

In  particular,   she  worked  as  a  Clinical Counseling  Psychologist   during  the   following  period: 

. 1979-1984.  Mental  Health  Clinical  Work for  at  least  30  hours  per week.

. 1984-1985.  Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern.  State Psychiatric Hospital, Tennessee.  

. 1985-1994.  Worked  as  a  Clinical  Psychologist  for  at  least  45  hours per week.


Her  clientele  was  largely  reflecting  the  international  and  American community  in  Belgium :  U.S.  Military  and  their  dependents,  

students  and  faculty  abroad,   au pair girls,    corporate  people,

the  liberal  profession,    businessmen,    Officials   of  Multinational  Institutions,   such  as  the   US - NATO  and   European  Union  (EU

in  Brussels;  members  of  the   European  Diplomatic  Corps,   and  

Supreme  Headquarters  Allied  Powers  in  Europe  (SHAPE),  Mons.

The  caseload  involved  as  well  the  individuals   as  their  families.

The  workload  included  psychological  problems  and  more  severe psychopathology.    Dr.  Andres  provided  individual  counseling,

family  and  group  therapy  to  children,  adolescents  and  adults.

Dr.  Andres  also  supervised  M.A.  and  Ph.D. level  students  in

Psychology.   I  have  served  as  medical  and  psychiatric  consultant

to  some  of  her  clients.

I  highly  recommend   Dr.  Andres  for  her   excellent  teaching  

and  clinical  skills,    as  well  as  her   high  class   professional

standards   and   achievements. 

If  you  need  more  information,  you  are  most  welcome  to  contact  me.

Yours  sincerely,

Dr.  Christian  Lauwers,  M.D.

Neuro - Psychiatrist,   Belgium

Hospital  Medical  Director

Community  Help  Service.

Mental  Health  Association  for  the  English  Speaking  Community.

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