Prof.  Dr.  John  (Jack)  Dick 

American  Professor  in  Belgium

From:    Professor  Dr.  John  (Jack)  Dick,   PhD,  STD

             Director  of  Development  

             The  American  College    (U.S.  Seminary  in  Europe)

             of  Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven / KULeuven,  Belgium

To:        MAJOR  _____ MILITARY  USAG

            Wiesbaden  Catholic  Chaplain,  Germany

​            MAJOR  _____  MILITARY  USAG  

          Heidelberg  Chaplain,  Germany

RE:      Doctor   Maridel   T.   Andres,   Ph.D.

Dear  Major  Jerry  and  Friends,

The  International  Speaker   for   Monday's   Chaplain  Day

of   Recollection   for   Priests  in  the   U.S.   Military   Bases

in  Heidelberg,  Germany   will  be :

Dr.  Maridel  T.  Andres,    an   American  Catholic  

and   Active  U.S.  Licensed  Clinical  Psychologist,  

currently  doing  advanced  graduate  work  in  KULeuven,  Belgium.

She   has   broad   experience   working   with   priests,

seminarians,  and  with   our  U.S.  Military  people   in   Europe.

She  also  lived,  studied,  and  worked  in  Belgium  and  Heidelberg,  Germany  for  a  couple  of  decades  or  so.

Her  topic  is:  "Supporting  Supermen".  

Chaplains  in  her  view  are   "supermen".

 She  arrives  at  Heidelberg  Hbf  on  Sunday  at  18:27.  

Jerry  can  you  please  send  her  information  about  how  to  contact

you (phone)  or  whomever she is staying with,  who  will  meet  her

 at  the  train station,  etc. ? 

I  have  no  doubts  you  will  find  Dr.  Maridel  an  Excellent  speaker ! 

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