"A  Dozen  Roses  of  Appreciation"

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Appreciation  from  people  from  all  walks  of  life.

These  Letters  of  Recommendations  are  personal  opinions  of  the  authors.

They  do  not  officially  represent  their  respective  organizations.

1. Professor  Dr.  Antoine  VERGOTE, STD, PhD.      (PhD  Psychology  Mentor)  

    World-renowned Psychoanalyst, Theologian, Philosopher, Psychologist

    Dean, Godienst Psychologie  at the University of Louvain. Awardee, European

    Research Awards. Scholar-Author-Speaker. Ph.D. dissertation mentor to 70

    doctoral  students.   Co-founder,  Belgian  School  of  Psychoanalysis.

    See the biography of  Prof. Vergote.    Video   (French  language).

2. Professor Dr. Rev.  Raymond  F.  COLLINSSTD.   (Academic / Life  Mentor)

​​    World-class  Theologian, Winner,  international prestigious awards.  Dean,

    Religious Studies: Catholic University of America University of Louvain,

    Belgium. Popular & Prolific New Testament Scholar - Author - Speaker. Well-

    loved Pastor & Rector.   Doctoral dissertation mentor to many students.

    Theology  Consultant  to  Popes:  The  Vatican -  Rome,  Italy.             

    White  House  Adviser.  Civilian  Chaplain: US  Military Bases Europe.

    See the biography of Prof. Ray Collins.   Video    (English  language).

3.  Rev. Dr.  John  COSTANZO, PhD                 (Integrated  Ministry  Model) 

    Rector,  American College,  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.   Well-

    liked Parish Priest  (Ret).  Saint Joseph Church,  Grand JunctionCO.  USA. 

    See the video of The American College of Catholic University of Louvain /

    Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven / KULeuven,  Belgium

4. Rev.  Nathanael  FOSHAGE, OSB                    (Priestly  Ministry  Model)

    Pastor,  St. Michael's  Church. Delta, Colorado.  Order  of  St.  Benedict. 

5. Dr. Christian  LAUWERS, MD​                         ​   ​(Doctor  Role  Model)

    Prominent  Neuro-PsychiatristMedical Director Hospitals,  Belgium.

    Winner,  Medical European Awards for  Innovative Care in Psychiatry. 

6. Dr. L.R.  WITSAMAN, PhD  (Mentor: PSY Criminal Justice . Psychopathology)

​​    Chair: Lakeshore  Mental  State  Hospital.  Knoxville,  Tennessee.  USA.

    Rorschach / Clinical Psychology Specialist: Criminal  Justice  System.

7. Mr.  Brent  BASHAM

    Owner/Administrator,  Mt. Garfield Assisted Living.    Television  Producer.

​8. Ms.  Judy  SHORMANN, BA

    Victim  Advocate  Director  (Ret.) :  Police.   Grand Junction,  Colorado

​    Awardee, City of Grand Junction Hero : Great Service  to the Community.  USA.

​9. Prof.  John  (Jack)  DICK,  STD, PhD 

    U.S.   Professor,     "Religion   and   Values  in   American   Society.

    University  of  Gent.   Belgium.

10. U.S.  Military  Base  Commander  Ronald  BAILEY

      City  Colleges  of  Chicago  in  Europe.

11.Thank  You  Notes,   International  and  American  Students 

     University  of  Maryland  -  European  Division:

     Belgium,   The Netherlands,   Germany  :  USA  Military  Bases

     U.S. - NATO,  Brussels.   Belgium.

     Supreme   Headquarters   Allied   Powers   in   Europe   (SHAPE).

​12. Grateful  Clients :   State  of  Colorado,   USA.

      Appreciation   Notes  from   Clients  /  Patients  /  Colleagues.

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​  "Time  has  a  wonderful  way  to  show  us  what  really  matters."

                                                                                                 Margaret  Peters


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