Reverend  Mother  Dolores  Hart,  O.S.B.    Order  of  Saint  Benedict.

Mother  Prioress  -  Abbey  of  Regina  Laudis  

Bethlehem,   Connecticut,  USA.   2014.


   "Rev. Mother Dolores Hart (born October 20, 1938) is an American Roman Catholic nun and former actress. She made ten films in five years, playing opposite Stephen Boyd, Montgomery Clift, George Hamilton, and Robert Wagner, having made her movie debut with Elvis Presley in  Loving You (1957). By the early 1960s an established leading lady, she "stunned Hollywood" by announcing that she would be giving up her career to enter a convent. She is now Prioress of the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut."   (Wikipedia)


   "Born Dolores Hicks, she was the only child of actor Bert Hicks and Harriet Hicks, who separated when she was three years old, and ultimately divorced. She stated "As a child I was precocious. My parents married when they were 16 and 17 and both were beautiful people. Moss Hart offered my mother, Harriett, a contract but by then they had me and my father, Bert Hicks, a bit player, definitely a Clark Gable type, had movie offers so we moved from Chicago to Hollywood. I was a Hollywood brat. We lived in Beverly Hills and I used to visit the lots with him. He had a bit part in Forever Amber. I always wanted to be part of that life."   (Wikipedia)  




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                                                                                                 "Let   the   beauty   you   love,  

                                                                               be   what   you   do."       Rumi.



Dr.  Maridel's   early  education / sense  of  spirituality  ...  in  elite  private  catholic  schools 

(i.e.,  grade  school  through  high  school)      ...    delightfully    influenced   and   enriched

by   German  Benedictines,       within  a   Spanish - American   Roman  Catholicism,

with  a   U.S.  Jesuit    and    Belgian   KULeuven    (Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven  /

Catholic  University  of  Louvain)    ​formal   education   in   adulthood,   Belgium. 


     Maridel's    KULeuven    Motto  :   Seat   of   Wisdom    <>    Sedes   Sapientiae


 ​   Etymology :  Catholic   means   Universal  ...  All - Embracing.  



                         "Finding  God  in  All  Things."      Spiritual  Discernment.

                                                                           Ignatian  Spirituality 




            An  Awakening   ...    and   a   Living / Lived   Relationship 

            with   Self _   Others _    World   The  Ultimate  (God) _



As   an  Active  U.S.  Licensed   Doctor  in  Clinical  and  Counseling  Psychology,  

and  also  as  a  Psychologist  of  Religion  and  Spirituality,    with  further  studies

in  Theology,   Philosophy,   and  Psychoanalysis,    Dr.  Andres  remains  objective,

studies,   welcomes,   and   appreciates   different  religious   beliefs,    non - beliefs,

religions,   spiritualities,    cultures,    sub-cultures,    and   wholesome  lifestyles.


​Dr.  Andres   Leads  /  Facilitates   in   USA   +   Europe   ~

Spiritual  Retreats  /  Meditations  /  Recollection  Days

Comprehensive   and   Pluralistic   Themes

 Non - Sectarian   .   Secular   .   Religious

Personalized      Different   Religious   Denominations :

InterFaith _ Ecumenical _ Protestant _ Episcopalian / Anglican _  Eastern Orthodox _  Catholic. 

For :  Pastors,   Priests,   Seminarians,   Deacons  &  Spouses,   Youth  &  Family  Ministries.


Customized  ~   General  /  Non - Christian   /  Non - Religious  /  Service  Groups :

CEOs    Corporate  Staff   __       Hospital  / HealthCare  Staff  __       First  Responders  __  

U.S.  Military,   Chaplains  &  Family  in  Europe    __      Law  Enforcement  &  Family  __

Diplomats   and   Staff   in   Europe   __     University  Professors   and   Family  __



       Professor  Dr.  Andres   has   also   given   Talks   in   Europe   on:

                 Fundamentalism    .    Secularization    .    Atheism 

                        Agnosticism    .    Religious  Sects  &  Cults



   I  stand  from  the  standard  of  grace   ...  not  perfection."

Amazing  Grace:  Dolores  Hart

 From  prominent  Hollywood  actress  (Elvis  Presley's  Co-Star)

 to  Benedictine  Mother  Prioress.


Psychology          Spirituality          Wellness          Fitness